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Trev, - 「You are my ☆; I'm your #1 fan ♡」
One friend, someone I used to talk to almost daily and really enjoyed being around, barely even responds to me anymore. When I confronted this person about it, they told me they just weren't interested in the things I was talking about anymore. Am I an uninteresting person? It really hurt my feelings to say that. But when I tried to mention anything like that, they started getting snappy, and pointing at things that were just untrue. Truth is, I don't even really want to associate with this person anymore if this is how it's going to be. There's no point.

Don't associate with me anymore then. *shrug* Our 4 year friendship is over because pretty much you can't deal with the fact that not everything you like I like. Sorry I don't play online games as much as you do at all anymore. I guess that's a basis to be a friend of yours, isn't it. No point? I agree.

Current Mood: apathetic