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I see.... - 「You are my ☆; I'm your #1 fan ♡」
I see....
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cadkitten From: cadkitten Date: October 22nd, 2007 01:48 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi, I know this is your personal journal, but I didn't know how else to really contact you without seeming like I was being a nag or something.

I'm on jrock_icons, a community you mod (if I'm not mistaken). And I have a question.

A while back, I posted some icon posts. So I went and searched the community for the posts (so I could update them with the new links to the icons, since I moved stuff around on my site) and here's what I got: http://www.ljseek.com/cadkitten_s4ZujrockQPQicons.html

But I go to the actual places the posts should be and there's no posts. *confused* But there's posts by others on those exact dates. So I guess my question is, why does it show up on the search when it's obviously been deleted (I think?)? I mean... I don't think I'm stupid enough that I can't find my own posts, but maybe I am?

Do you guys maybe delete posts that no one comments on or when the icon disappears? It's been about 20 days or so since I moved stuff around on my site and I just now remembered that I needed to update links here.
chanbanana From: chanbanana Date: October 22nd, 2007 02:00 am (UTC) (Link)
did you also post anything like anime or jpop icons to the community? Did you post anything like a background or non-icon graphic in the community? Was it a link to a community outside of jrock_icons and the post was friends only? If you answered yes to any of the three then the post was deleted. We don't delete posts for no good reason. If it causes drama or it breaks the rules it gets deleted.
cadkitten From: cadkitten Date: October 22nd, 2007 06:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Post 1: 1 Gackt Icon, 1 Shinya/Die Icon.
Links directly to my site with the images sitting there, until, like I said, I moved my directories.

Post 2: 2 Shinya Icons.
Links directly to my site.

Post 3: 2 Miyavi Icons.
Links directly to my site.

Post 4: 1 Due'le Quartz Icon, 1 Gackt Icon, 1 Kaoru Icon, 1 Toshiya Icon.
Links directly to my site.

Post 5: 1 Miyavi Icon, 1 Gackt Icon
Links directly to my site.

Post 6: 1 Gazette Icon
Link directly to my site.

Post 7: 2 Hyde Icons
Links directly to my site.

Post 8: 1 Miyavi Icon
Link directly to my site.

I never post things "Friends Locked" (impossible since I always post directly to the community) or post any other graphics other than what the community is for. I'm VERY conscientious of rules and always follow them. I recall directly asking about Miyavi and Gackt before posting them, since they /can/ be considered non-JRock AND JRock, depending on what album, who you talk to, etc. But I know for certain the GazettE and Dir en grey are JRock, so... *confused*

I know it says to use photobucket or something, but why not use my own site when I already have it uploaded there, right? So long as I don't mind sucking my own bandwidth, it shouldn't matter.

By "link directly to my site" I mean that I used the html image tag to place the icons directly into the post.

And I don't make a habit of "causing drama" either. In fact, I seem to recall getting a total of one comment ever on the icons and it said "Thank you" and nothing more. I didn't even respond to it.

I didn't assume you deleted it for "no good reason", I just wondered if old posts were removed (then looked on the dates they were posted and there were still posts, so obviously not), and then wondered if maybe something else happened, like you remove the posts when the images don't come up or something (which would be reasonable, I'd think...). *scratches head*
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