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fahrenheit's Journal

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「You are my ☆; I'm your #1 fan ♡」
12 January 1988

___Profile// HARK! I AM AIDEN LEE, but you can also call me Lisa, 리사, or MARIA~~~~. I actually respond to the first and second name a lot easier than the other two. I'm 19 years old. I work part-time as a Korean gangster, but I am a full-time retard (partner in both crimes- Madam Lee.) I likes me them penguins, bunnies, and cuttin' bitches up the color orange. I earn those beaucoup bucks at Wal*Mart. Oh, I also live in a mother fucking zoo. (2 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 fish, and a hamster) I also like to elaborate on minor issues to make myself seem TOTALLY FUCKING COOL. but I'm not. ㅠ-ㅠ. I'm fucking scandalous though.

__HELL YES// Music, doodling (not "drawing"), writing, penguins, carrots, oranges, bunnies, hamsters!, cuddly kitty kisses, having awesome friends, $$, and hot chocolate!
__FUCK NO// Haters, cockblocks (....waaaait....), drawing (since I SUCK), ... :) a very fUgg cunt on the el jay.

___Music// 183Club, 1TYM♥, 5566, All Black, 바다, Battle, 비♥, Big Bang♥, Black Beat, Boom, 천상지희, 陳冠希, 周杰倫, Click-B, 동방신기♥, ENERGY, 이루, EVE♥, F4, 飛輪海♥, Fly To The Sky, G.Gorilla, H.O.T, I-13, 장우혁, 전진, K, Kai, 강타, K-ONE, 이준기♥, 林俊傑, 무가당, 문희준, Nell, NEMESIS, PIA, SE7EN♥, SG 워너비, 石康軍, 손호영, 신화, SS501, Stony Skunk, Super Junior, 태빈, TANK, T.O., Typhoon, Twins, VEIL, Virus, 휘성, Witches, 呉建豪, Xing, 言承旭, 游鸿明, 于浩威,

__Watch// 궁, 花より男子, 花より男子2, 惡作劇之吻

__Note// My interests are mostly Asian just to piss people off. DID IT WORK? y/y????

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